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2014 Retrospective

2014. Wow, I can't believe that is already over. It astounds me how quickly it passed. But what I thought was going to be a tough, lame duck year, it has proven to be quite the important year. Of course, I've said this in the past, but this year has been quite different. As self-obsessed as it might sounds, this year really was "all about me." It was a year when I tried to slowly ...

Sean Payne

A Month at PatientSafe

I know I promised to write more with my new blog, but you know how it goes... It has been over a month since I started working at PatientSafe Solutions and in that time I have learned and done a lot. My experience there has been very pleasant and everyone in the company is very friendly. The development teams have - so far - been pretty receptive to to hear my ideas, and I have ...

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Sean Payne

A New Chapter

For the last 7 years I have worked as a Software Engineer for S4i Systems Inc. Over the course of my tenure, I assumed additional responsibilities, including the responsibility as "IT Manager," where I have been responsible for managing the company's IT infrastructure. From the company's PBX system, to the network, to the servers, I managed a large majority of the company's internal systems on top of my day-to-day duties as a software engineer. Of ...

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Sean Payne

New Blog

Finally, after 8 years of using Blogger, I found it was finally time for me to live up to my geek name and move my blog to something a bit more modern. As a tech geek, I have always wanted more control over my blog, but most of the inexpensive webhosts at the time did not support the level of control I wanted. However, with the advancement of virtual machines, virtual private servers are now ...

Sean Payne

New blog about Google Glass

Just a quick post: A couple weekends ago I managed to become a part of the Google Glass Explorers program. I wanted to share my experiences with the awesome device, so I created a Tumblr for it, which you can check out at ...

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